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Welcome to DTF Engineering

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve even the most challenging engineering problems, and our design processes are carefully developed and refined to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. Our design management expertise ensures that all projects are completed on time and within budget.

Our team of experienced engineers has successfully delivered many complex projects for Clients in a range of industries, including Food, Security, Construction, Energy and many others. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet our Clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

In addition to our engineering expertise, we have a strong focus on design, project, operations management and process improvements. We work closely with our Clients to identify areas for new solutions and develop customized solutions to help them optimize their processes and achieve their goals.

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DTF Engineering has been founded by Matt Lipinski, an experienced designer and manager. Over the course of 15 years, he has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience in a wide range of industries. This journey has provided him with a diverse skill set, invaluable insights, and a track record of successful projects.

His career started in 2008 when engineering journey began with a strong educational foundation, including a degree in engineering and management of manufacturing. He then embarked on his professional career, initially working in entry-level positions to gain hands-on experience.

His first job was Mechanical Design Engineer in the company providing machinery, conveyors and lab equipment in the food industry. He began to learn mechanical systems and how to use Autodesk Inventor software in designing world. Matt quickly understood that 3D modelling improves productivity and allow to remove mistakes even before the construction is erected. He also participated in many production activities to understand processes and get his hands dirty. Matt has contributed a lot to the design and optimization of production processes, ensuring food safety and quality while maximising efficiency.

Moving on, his fast-pace learning gave him an opportunity to work closely with the clients as project engineer. He continued to provide high quality service and implement quick and simple solutions for the problems occurring on the production lines. After several years he again has been promoted to combine design with quality engineering and oversee the new department after main restructure in the company. He quickly adapted to the new environment thanks to the knowledge gained on the university. Matt has started to implement procedures across different departments, which was his first steps toward process improvement.

Part of the machine design is electric circuit and software. He wanted to pursuit this part of the design as well and understand how electronic devices work. He spent 2 years in learning how the switchgear and circuit boards work, but then a sudden change came across.

From 2015 Matt began to gaining experience as manager in design department. He quickly realised the potential and combination of design world with management systems. He has been involved in engineering projects within the construction sector, participating in the design and development of structural elements and infrastructure projects, adhering to safety and regulatory standards. He played a crucial role in overseeing the design, ensuring creativity, functionality, and aesthetics were integrated into projects.

Working with the team, he set up the procedures and processes in design department using Lean Management tools. It therefore complied with ISO9001 standard, which the company quickly implemented. Gaining more knowledge and experience in Autodesk Inventor, fx parameters and iLogic in particular, allowed him to improve design performance even further. As an effect, the company doubled the turnover in 3 years.

But that was not enough for him. Matt wanted to progress in his career by developing project management experience. His first project was surprisingly in finance world in completely different industry, where in one of the companies he established a financial system using Sage50 Accounts. His main responsibilities included budget management, cost analysis, and financial planning to ensure business operated efficiently. He also developed brand new procedures and helped the company to comply with financial regulations. This improvement reduced the cost and helped again to double the turnover in 2 years time.

Having such an experience, Matt has decided to set up DTF Engineering, which helps companies in design engineering as well as project and operations management or process improvement, contributing to overall business management. Throughout his career, he has prioritized continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in engineering and technology. This commitment to professional development has allowed him to adapt to evolving industry trends. His experience has equipped him with strong problem-solving and innovative thinking skills. He has been involved in troubleshooting complex technical issues and finding creative solutions to engineering challenges.

Matt was also working with multidisciplinary teams, collaborating with stakeholders, and presenting technical information to non-technical audiences. He took on leadership roles, mentoring junior engineers, and contributing to the growth of engineering teams within many organizations. Ensuring products met quality standards and complied with industry regulations was a crucial aspect of his work. He developed a keen understanding of quality assurance processes and compliance requirements.

With such an engineering experience across diverse industries, we are well-prepared to continue making meaningful contributions to the field, embracing new challenges, and pushing the boundaries of innovation in engineering.

We look forward to working with you and delivering high-quality solutions that our Clients have come to expect from us.

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